Non-Tuition Related Expenses

Along with our tuition, a Waldorf education frequently requires some extra expenses to provide a wide-range of experiences. These experiences are intended to compliment and enhance the teachings in the classroom.


Early Childhood Center: Pre-K and Kindergarten

The following items are required for the student to engage fully in an ECC classroom:

  • Waterproof and weatherproof outdoor gear, including rain and snow pants, coats, boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and a sunhat
  • Indoor shoes: slip-on, slipper, or tie shoes*
  • Nap bedding: blanket, pillow, sheet, etc.
  • Media-free lunchbox
  • Extra set of seasonally-appropriate clothing
  • Weekly contribution of fruit or vegetable to the class cooking activity*

All expenses for items are based on parent preference. 

The Early Childhood Center has one field trip to the apple orchard per year. The cost of the field trip generally ranges from $10-20 and is required for participation.

*Teacher will specify.

Grades 1-2

Like ECC classrooms, 1st and 2nd grade also engages in year-long outdoor play. Water and weatherproof outdoor gear is required for safe outdoor play. This includes snow and rain pants, coats, gloves, hats, and scarves. 1st and 2nd grade are also required to bring indoor shoes with non-marking soles and an extra set of seasonally-appropriate clothing. 

1st and 2nd grade also participate in off-site field trips. These vary according to the teacher and the Main Lesson theme. In the past, some examples have included: tours, musical and/or artistic performances, studio visits, and nature centers. The fees will typically range from $40-100 annually and are required for participation. 



Grades 3-8

Grades 3-8 engage in more complex activities, involving more field trips, and an annual overnight trip. Field trips vary by year and are left to each teacher's discretion. They always follow the theme of the Main Lesson block. Some examples of field trips and overnight trips include: historical sites, nature centers, musical and artistic performances, museums, service-learning experiences, camping, and unique sites. The 8th grade begins their school year with an annual week-long trip to Temagami*, ON. Field trips in grades 3-7 range from $120-$300 annually and are required for participation. 

Additionally, beginning in the 3rd grade, all DWS students participate in our music program. 3rd and 4th grade begin with stringed instruments, and are given the option to join the Orchestra beginning in the 5th grade. While DWS provides all music books, all musical instruments are to be purchased or rented by families, and families assume full financial responsibility of the instruments. DWS has a list of local music stores offering instrument rental or purchase.

Additional expenses also include weather appropriate outdoor gear and indoor shoes, to be purchased by parents according to preference. 


*Fundraising for the annual 8th grade Temagami trip begins in 6th grade.