Environmental Science and Sustainability

Working with Michael D'Aleo, Craig Holdrege and Gary Banks, the Detroit Waldorf School has developed a unique Waldorf middle school curriculum that weaves together phenomenological science, environmental awareness, service learning opportunities and environmental justice principles.

The curriculum seeks to have students understand the wisdom inherent in natural processes as a way to understand the fundamental principles of sustainability.


The Detroit Waldorf School is pleased to present this curriculum to fellow educators as a way of helping middle school students develop into citizens who can perceive and understand local environmental issues from both a scientific and an environmental justice point of view; who can become passionate about finding solutions to our local challenges; and who will have the wisdom, courage and resourcefulness to organize actions with like-minded people that will make a difference in the lives of all Detroiters. None of us can afford to do less than this at this time in the history of Detroit and our world.

We would like to thank the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and the Waldorf Educational Foundation for their support in making this curriculum possible. Download a copy of the curriculum here. Watch our video "Ghostwaters of Detroit"