Strategic Plan: 2019-2023

A Vision for Tomorrow


Strategic Planning takes many shapes and forms - but at the root of each effort is a dedicated group of people who accept the challenge of helping to share the future of their organization. Clearly, the biggest challenge of all potential future directions, aspirations, realities and dreams into an actionable plan that has full support of all constituents of the school and reflects the mission of the school. The Detroit Waldorf School strategic planning process was developed in several phases - research and discovery; reflections and analysis; reaching consensus on priories and goals; and finally crafting of the 2019-2023 Strategic Pan.

Planning for the next phase of school needs

The overwhelming success of previous planning requires this strategic planning team to plan for growth and future development. This shift in focus creates a wide range of opportunities and challenges for the future of DWS within the limits of space, staff and physical infrastructure. A recent Accreditation Team report conducted in 2017 recommended reflection on the demands of the future through a new Strategic Plan to help envision our future that incorporates sustainable growth and a commitment to continue the mission of the school within the city of Detroit.

The Strategic Planning Committee was comprised of volunteer parents and members of the Detroit Waldorf School College of Teachers. Members of the committee include:

Huda Ahmed (Current Parent)

Helena Mitchell (Faculty)

Mark Hausner (Current Grandparent, Board Member)

Sarida Scott Montgomery (Current Parent, Board Member)

Kamilah Henderson (Current Parent)

Mae Nordin (Current Parent, Board Member)

Garrick Landsberg (Current Parent, Board Member)

Simone Shurney (Faculty)

The Strategic Planning Committee convened in March 2018 and successfully completed several important phases of work to arrive at a final product. The first phase - research and discovery - included gathering high quality strategic plans from other Waldorf and independent schools as examples for structure and content of this plan. The Committee identified aspects of the most recent DWS strategic plan that were accomplished, and the aspects that need to be brought forward into this plan for future action. The following themes were culled from the DWS Self Study Report (2017):

  1. Fulfilling DWS Education Program

  2. Strengthening a Diverse, Connected and Involved DWS Community

  3. Planning for Stability and Financial Security

  4. Imagining DWS’ Future Expansion in Detroit

Teams within the committee developed the goals, strategies, future vision, metrics and pathways to follow within a recommended timeline to bring the final plan to completion. The committee utilized the initial themes defined by a DWS Self Study in 2016, and formulated the following four Strategic Planning Pillars to organize the outreach process and inform the defined strategies and desired outcomes. Each of the Pillar Sub-Committees will be dedicated to fulfilling the goals of each Pillar ad its respective strategies, pathways, and metrics. The four Pillars are:


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Strengthen the diversity of the school community to reflect a wide range of cultures and traditions.

Academic & Developmental Excellence

Improve and expand curriculum and programs to better meet the needs of students and create our pathway to the future while maintaining a commitment to Waldorf principles.

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Financial Strength & Security

Improve and expand curriculum and programs to better meet the needs of students and create our pathway to the future while maintaining a commitment to Waldorf principles.

DWS Future Expansion

Maintain, improve, expand, and leverage the DWS facilities as required to accommodate new programs and growth.


View the full Strategic Plan PDF here.

The entire DWS community is invited and encouraged to support the Strategic Plan. If you are interested in getting involved, please email