Music Program


Music harmonizes and lifts the inner nature of the child. The DWS music curriculum aims at strengthening the will of the child and creating an inner depth, an inwardness of soul. The students’ sense of beauty, harmony, tone, melody, beat, and rhythm develop as they learn to read, write, enjoy, perform, and listen to music. Music allows students to work with aspects of their feeling life and to bring them into an awareness and harmony with thinking and doing. To perform well in signing or with an instrument, a disciplined and active will is necessary. A strong social element is also developed as a group of students work to perfect a piece together.

In third grade, students begin to play violin. By fifth grade, students may continue with violin or switch to another string instrument or a band instrument. From fifth through eighth grades, all students play in either a strong orchestra or in the band (winds and percussion). Seasoned professionals who are certified as elementary music teachers teach both strings and band. Choir is also required of all students in grades 5 through 8. Students learn songs a cappella and with accompaniment.

The music curriculum is a valuable part of the whole educational experience in a Waldorf school.