The Detroit Waldorf School supports its Pre-K through 8th grade students with skillful, enthusiastic teaching and a nurturing school community.

Visit our campus and you'll find children who are fully engaged in activities that challenge the mind, fire the imagination--and reflect the diversity of Metro Detroit.

Our extraordinary approach meets children's natural curiosity and accommodates a variety of learning styles by blending the arts, sciences, humanities and introducing concepts at developmentally appropriate stages.

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An In-Depth Journey to Complete 8th Grade

The eighth grade projects mark the passage from where students have been, from elementary school into middle school and about to move on to high school. At this crucial age when they are beginning to define themselves and who they want to be, they are asked to define an interest of theirs and try to find a mentor in the community that they can work with.  

The Profound Power of Class Trips

Of the many wonderful aspects of Waldorf education, the class trip is one of my favorite events for many reasons. It builds a tighter bond among students and classroom parents, brings real-world experiences into the curriculum and provides the opportunity to deepen our relationship with nature while removing ourselves from the fast-paced technological world of today.

Deep Literacy:  The Waldorf Approach to Reading and Writing

One of the most persistent myths about Waldorf Education is that children are not taught to read until “later,” usually meaning  about the third grade. 

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