The Detroit Waldorf School supports its Pre-K through 8th grade students with skillful, enthusiastic teaching and a nurturing school community.

Visit our campus and you'll find children who are fully engaged in activities that challenge the mind, fire the imagination--and reflect the diversity of Metro Detroit.

Our extraordinary approach meets children's natural curiosity and accommodates a variety of learning styles by blending the arts, sciences, humanities and introducing concepts at developmentally appropriate stages.

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School Readiness: Are we ready for your child?

This month, as parents start to plan for the next school year, questions of school readiness arise. Mostly, parents wonder if their children are ready to advance to the next grade.

Seventh Grade Poems

The Seventh Grade was immersed in a creative writing block where through simple observations, students found the beauty of the natural world surrounding them.

The Freedom to Enjoy Childhood: Camps & Extended Care

Ryan Gumbleton preserves the creativity and adventure of childhood in extended care, break camps, and summer camps.

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