Enrichment Opportunities

Detroit Waldorf School provides a variety of enrichment opportunities for children, including summer camps (open to the public), break camps for enrolled students, and after-school enrichment programs for current students.

Summer Camps & After-School Programs range in subject focus and provide a wealth of exploration and adventure. They have included writing, yoga, sports (basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, aerials, archery), chess and brain games, drama, lyre, private music lessons, world cooking, baking with local bakers, and more.

We pride ourselves on providing opportunities not only for children but for families to explore the Waldorf philosophy through a variety of family programs and events as well as parent education offerings throughout the school year. From Waldorf 101 to talks on parenting and other pressing issues of note, we strive to enrich all members of our community through thoughtful, meaningful programming that creates connections with Detroit Waldorf School values and our educational process.


After-School Programs

Detroit Waldorf School offers a variety of sports and after school programs in addition to our regular classroom activities. These programs are all designed to support the healthy growth and development of our students.

Gardening Summer Camp.jpeg

Break Camps

From early childhood through the grades, campers will spend their days playing games, singing songs, cooking and baking, exploring the arts, gardening, music and experiencing all those wonderful moments that make camp fun!


Summer Camps

Summer camp at Detroit Waldorf School will give your child the freedom to tap into his or her creative spirit, explore the natural world, and cultivate a deeper love of learning.