Class Trips

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Early Childhood Center

Starting in nursery and kindergarten, children engage with the natural world every day on campus. Field trips for the Early Childhood Center correspond with the seasons and focus on experiencing nature. Each year children visit the apple orchard. The cost of the field trip ranges from $10-20 and is required for participation.

Grades 1-5

Field trips vary according to the teacher and always follow the same theme of the Main Lesson block. Some examples of field trips include: tours, musical and artistic performances, museums, and nature centers. The fees will typically range from $40-100 annually and are required for participation. 


Grades 3-8 Class Trips.jpg

Grades 6-8

Organized yearly trips for the sixth through eighth grades promote teamwork and deeper self-knowledge through more challenging adventures in nature. Trips continue outdoor education and expand students’ skills and sense of community. The eighth grade trip celebrates the journey together through grades 1-8 with a week-long trip to Temagami, ON, immersed in nature and bonding as a class during a rite of passage, once-in-a-lifetime experience together. Fundraising for the annual eighth grade trip begins in sixth grade. Field trips in grades 6-8 range from $120-$300 annually and are required for participation.