Seventh Grade Poems

The Seventh Grade was immersed in a creative writing block where through simple observations, students found the beauty of the natural world surrounding them.  Discussions also revolved around questions: What are my hopes and dreams for myself and for the world? As students explored these topics, Lynne Golodner engaged the students with thought provoking poetry, writing activities and techniques to produce beautiful and reflective poetry. ~ Dianna Guldi, 7th grade teacher



By Eve Blake

Human beings are peculiar
As one of them,

I have many different layers,

Most layers glow brightly, while some falter
More extinguished

From easily chipped away, and breakable walls

To more fragile, delicate, core layers even
I can’t reach.

From laughter and family,

To feelings,
And desires.

From pets and hobbies,

To pity of society!
Damaged places,
And hope of a better, more accepting world.

In this world,


A human being, coexist with those around me,
In hopes to make my layers grow brighter.



By India Darling

If I could have any friend
I would wish for Millie Bobby Brown.
Oh. Hi.
This is reality.
You don’t know her.
But do you know who you do know?
Eve Blake.
Eve is my best friend in the world.
She makes me laugh.
She helps me feel better.
She’s considerate.
She cares about me
Almost as much as I care about her.
But I don’t really show it.
I couldn’t ask for a better friend than



By Francis Allen

What I love?
Family. Friends.
There is more than just that.
My dancing, my writing, my editing.
What I love?


My Wish

By Francis Allen

My wish is to work in the movie business.
One of the things I want to do is photography.
I also would like to work as a film editor.
Something else that I think I would bring to
Life would be
Playing all of the instruments,
So I could bring the movie to life.


Lost in the Void of Inter-dimensional Travel

By Shaya Screiber

All around me is air.
I am floating
Like a giant balloon,
But I am calm.
I am being crushed
In this suffocating
Of space.
My eyes are open
But I see nothing
In this black hole.
All light is gone.
All life is gone
I am numb
Though I feel the weight of the world
Pressing on me
From all sides.
I feel no pain
Though I haven’t eaten
In what feels like eternity.
This endless deathtrap is slowly
What little life I have left
Out of me.
All I need is air.



By Henry Putnam

Those in power tell the press that they will save our lives,
Those in power tell the press a bunch of crap and lies.
I think I know a method, our democracy would enhance,
The people in power should give the kids a chance.
If kids were presidents, war would be much fun,
The reason being; no one dies! We’d be using our Nerf guns!
There wouldn’t be fatal car accidents because we don’t know how to drive,
Instead, everyone in the world would get around using bikes.
There wouldn’t be any violence (we get that on tv)
And there wouldn’t be any robbery, cause everything is free!



By Mina Wilson

You are my glasses.
So many prescriptions and frames
But you frame my prescriptions so perfectly.
You help me see the world clearer,
And when I don’t have you
I feel puzzled
I need my glasses.
It has been four years,
My vision is clearer,
As if the lenses have melted into my eyes.
I can see.
But not clear.
I need my glasses, I need you.
I’m a young adult now, and my vision is clear.
Like the glasses I once had
Are part of me now.
I don’t need the glasses,
I love the glasses,
But no longer must I have them
Always by my side,
I’ve developed from them,
They’ve made my life clear,
I no longer have to depend on them.
Though, I still love them,
Very much.
You are my glasses.



By Mina Wilson

I’m lost, but so found, it’s quiet.
Hazy, quite hard to make out
What’s happening,
But it’s everything
Anything I could ever imagine
Good, bad, scary, happy
I love it
Like a second world.
When I shut my eyes at night,
I’m never truly getting rest,
For I have a whole other world to attend,
With a new adventure
Every time
I enter.