Announcing New College Chair

Sarah Addae and Susann Eddy

Sarah Addae and Susann Eddy

At the All Community Meeting last week Sarah Addae, new chair of the College of Teachers, thanked Susann Eddy for her service of holding the leadership position of college chair for the previous seven years. The leadership positions among the teaching faculty are revolving positions, so teachers hold them for a period of time and then the leadership passes to another member of the faculty.  Susann Eddy held the position of college chair for seven years, adding her wisdom and expertise to the leadership council of the school and guiding DWS through an exciting period of time.  Many thanks and huge gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for her time, effort and perspective as College Chair.  

The College of Teachers is the organ of the school which carries leadership for  the pedagogical present and future of the school. Through study and research of questions that relate to the life of the school, College members strive to work with each other, the Board, administrative staff, faculty members, and parents, to guide the school and fulfill its mission in the City of Detroit. The College of Teachers is responsible for the pedagogical work of the school, on behalf of the children in the school. It is also responsible for the cultural life of the school, on behalf of the school community. In addition, the College of Teachers, Administrator, and Board together take responsibility for planning and development of the school's future. 

The following faculty and staff are members of the College of Teachers: 

Sarah Addae, Chair  (6th Grade Teacher) 

Julia Baryo  (Educational Support) 

Linda Brooks  (Administrator) 

Arlene Cornier  (7th Grade Teacher

Susann Eddy  (Pedagogical and Therapeutic Eurythmy) 

Dianna Guldi  (5th Grade Teacher)  

Helena Mitchell  (Kindergarten Teacher)

Diane Reed  (4th Grade Teacher). 

Linda Williams  (3rd Grade Teacher)