Announcing Dr. Linda Williams as our new 1st grade teacher!

The Detroit Waldorf School is pleased to announce Linda Williams as the teacher for next year’s first grade.

Dr. Williams is a long-time member of the Detroit Waldorf family.  She served as a Class Teacher for grades one to five from 1987-1992, spent a year opening DWS’ 3-year-old Kindergarten and then taught grades one to three at the Urban Waldorf School in Milwaukee.  Upon her return to Detroit, she became the Elementary Program Director of the Waldorf Institute of Southeastern Michigan.  She remained in this role while also serving as a Class Teacher for grades two through eight.

After graduating her last class from DWS in 2006, Dr. Williams became a professor of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University, where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in elementary literacy and urban education.  At EMU, Dr. Williams is part of the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition that helps community partners and schools enact place-based, environmental curriculum.  She also has served as an Honors College Fellow and has assisted the Upward Bound program.

During this time, Dr. Williams also served as a teacher mentor and teacher evaluator for several Waldorf schools.  She helped to develop curriculum for a public Waldorf initiative and she worked with several Waldorf schools on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Williams received her doctorate in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy, with a cognate in Literacy from Michigan State University.  Her M.A. was earned in Waldorf Education from Mercy College, and her B.A. was received from Justin Morrill College at Michigan State University.

Dr. Williams decided that she really missed teaching children, and is very grateful for this opportunity to serve as a Class Teacher again.