Congratulations Class of 2018!

Detroit Waldorf School is proud to present the graduating Class of 2018. These 20 wonderful eighth graders are about to embark on great adventures, and while on their own unique path they will forever be able to look back at their time at Detroit Waldorf as they join an esteemed group of alumni and as members of the Waldorf community. 

Detroit Waldorf School Class of 2018

Detroit Waldorf School Class of 2018

Each of these special students with begin their high school journey at their chosen school, schools that we feel are very fortunate to have these graduates joining their classes: 

Jade - Detroit School of Arts

Perry - Lake Shore HS

Bleu - Marian

Adam - Roeper

Haleigh - Cass Tech

Charles - Bishop Foley

Zeke - Roeper

Ronald - Cass Tech

Amelia - Liggett

Lily - Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor 

Irie - Berkley HS Scholars Program

Keisha - Berkley HS Scholars Program

Amir - Southfield Christian

Mickey - Cass Tech

Olivia - Grosse Pointe South

Liam - University HS (UHSA)

Eliana - Berkley HS

Grace - Berkley HS

Chase - Roeper

Helena - Roeper

Katherine Feldhouse