Jeppe Flummer Visits Detroit Waldorf School

It was such a joy to welcome Jeppe Flummer from the International Forum of Waldorf/Steiner Schools. This was the first time the group organized a visit to North America. Jeppe traveled all the way to Michigan from Denmark where he taught History in a Waldorf high school for nearly 30 years. Jeppe was interested in our school because of the social impulse living in the city right now and the 50 year history we hold within these walls.

Jeppe and I weaved out of every classroom in the school as I told him the story of DWS, the building history and about the current community. We were greeted by many hugs in the PreK Rose classroom and joined in beautiful circle time songs. We heard riddles in Grade 2, gazed at fraction chalk drawings in Grade 4, guessed how long it took to build the pyramids in Grade 5 and marveled at our parent Eurythmy group. 

After the tour, our parent council group (CHAT) prepared a lovely reception for our visitor and we were surprised to see that Amelia Wilhelm (co-founder of DWS) was in attendance. Jeppe was overjoyed to meet her and as he was shaking her hand he exclaimed, "I can feel the whole history of this school and what you have done for the children!" 

~written by Charis Calender-Suemnick
Enrollment & Outreach Director

Charis Calender-Suemnick