Tuition Rates for 2014-15


3 Half days $6,175
5 Half days $7,550
3 Full days $7,550
5 Full days $9,300


5 Full days $11,075

Grades 1-2:


Grades 3-8:



Sibling Discount

*the following amounts are deducted from above tuition rates


3 Half days: $874
5 Half days: $1,080
3 Full days: $1,080
5 Full days: $1,343

Kindergarten: $1,609

Grades 1-2: $1,770

Grades 3-8: $1,856

Payment Plans

1. Single payment

2. Trimester: $200 administrative fee for first child, $150 for each subsequent child

3. Monthly: $300 administrative fee for first child, $250 for each subsequent child

Other Charges

After school care charges will be billed separately from tuition

Any additional fees for field trips, classrooms supplies, musical instruments or teacher recommendations (such as supplemental assistance or private music lessons) are grade dependent and will be collected separately. Information will be provided by the teachers.

Accessible Tuition Program

The Detroit Waldorf School adopted the Accessible Tuition Program (formerly called the Sustainable Tuition Program) in 2009 to align itself more fully with the school’s mission: to provide a Waldorf education to as many children as possible in Detroit and Southeast Michigan, and to serve a geographically, racially and socioeconomically diverse student body.

The program ensures that the acceptance of a child into the school does not depend on the financial resources of the child’s family. Once a child is admitted to the school the family may request the Accessible Tuition Application. Every family adds value to the school community and it is anticipated that each family who applies for a tuition adjustment will hold Waldorf education as a high financial priority.