Announcing "Screenagers" Support Group

As promised, following the powerful screening of the documentary "Screenagers" at Detroit Waldorf School in January, we are announcing a 4-week series of classes with child psychologist, Henry Traurig, M.A., where parents can gather together as a community in service to each other and the children who have been born into an era commonly called "technology".


This support group will meet at Detroit Waldorf School on Mondays for 4 weeks starting March 5th - March 26th from 4:15-5:45pm.
This series will focus on the following:

  • The effects of screen usage on child ego and soul development
  • How to respond to the feeling of entitlement children feel when engaged with "their phone, their game, their device", in order to bring gratitude to the center of their life experience
  • The variances between male and female interaction with all manner of social media and games
  • The very sad distortions in understandings of love and intimacy among teens stemming from overly sexualized images and videos online
  • The problem of screen addicted, inaccessible parents
  • Strategies to use to reinvigorate the cornerstone of every biography, the bond between parent and child, which has become increasingly infiltrated by screens
  • The diminshed time for play and the loss of connection and involvement in the natural world for children and teens
  • The loss of the fundamental work of adolescence: to explore purpose and meaning through a living sense of adventure
  • The implications of the loss of face to face and ego to ego encounters among teens
  • Practical questions for parents of when to allow what and for how much time
  • The complexity of seeking consensus about technology among class parents, or an entire school's parent body
  • How to pursue pledges among parents to protect childhood and adolescence
  • Establishing a firm philosophy about technology within a marriage or couple bond
  • Fostering Imagination, passion and curiosity at home - what teachers strive to teach in a Waldorf School
  • The family circle as a place of hope and redemption
"Screenagers" Support Group
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The cost to enroll is $85. To confirm your place in this series, please pay online. Deadline to enroll is Thursday, March 1st.

*Please note, we reserve the right to cancel this series due to low enrollment. Current DWS parents will receive free aftercare for currently enrolled children only. 

This group is reserved for adults only.